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MacBooster 7.2.2 (28808) + License Key

Macbooster 7 mac torrent Is another Mac tuneup tool safe to use and it doesmatch up to other Mac optimizing mac app. With Macbooster license key you can clean your mac machine and run it like it just came from the factory. 

Compraed to other mac apps such as Cache Cleaner you have more advantage of the Macbooster 7 free download now can save you a ton of time in the future.  Here are some of the benefits of using Mac Booster.

Macbooster 7 cracked mac Features :

  • Macbooster 7 mac torrent includes a malware cleaner that thoroughly scans your hard discs and other parts of your computer to check for malicious programs.  These types of programs rob your computer of precious RAM (Random Access Memory) that it needs to run other legitimate programs.
  • Good malware scanner
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Application Reset Feature
  • Realtime Protection
  • Complete Antivirus Protection
  • Alerts on every single scan and cleanup.
  • Duplicate files are unfortunately an unintended side effect of many popular operating systems. They inevitably get created and they can eventually begin to take up a lot of space.  The IObit MAC OS x software (part of Mac Booster) has the capability to search out and delete duplicate files for you on your system.
  • The System Junk feature is tasked with spotting and cleaning unnecessary files that the operating system and installed software sprinkle all over your Mac while running.
  • Memory Clean – More intuitive memory usage display.Supported closing high memory usage apps manually
  • Uninstaller – Accelerated scan speed and enhanced uninstallation for stubborn apps.
  • The game booster MAC download is great for those users who are avid players of online gaming.

Macbooster 7 cracked mac

Name :Download MacBooster 7.2.2 + License Key
CPU :Most CPus intel based.

Most cards manufactured 2008 or newer.

RAM :4 GB required for working with multi-million polys. (8+ GB preferred.)
OS Version :Mac OSX: 10.8 or above.
Disk Space100 MB of free hard drive space and its scratch disk.

Size :27 MB

How to install :

  1. Drag and drop the dmg file into the application folder.
  2. Install it, and enjoy the full product.
  3. No need of a crack of serial key, it’s already cracked for you.
  4. Never and ever update.
  5. Enjoy Macbooster license key.

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